Young Justice Vol.1

I’ve just read the first arc of Young Justice Vol.1, from back in the late 1990s. Really liked it, largely because it includes the Tim Drake iteration of Robin, who is at this point my absolute favourite DC character, but also because of Impulse, who is just plain adorable.

I read this as DC Graphic Novel Collection Vol.35, which collects Young Justice Vol.1 #1-7, Young Justice Secret Files and Origins Vol.1 #1, and Flash Vol.2 #92.

Read my review on Goodreads here.

That was a lot of fun.

I love Tim Drake – he’s the absolute best Robin ever (as far as I know; I don’t really have much experience with Dick Grayson as Robin, and none whatsoever of Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown or Damian Wayne – while I know the characters and their histories, I simply have not read any comics with them in those roles). Superboy is a wonderfully stereotypical 1990s teen alpha. Impulse is just adorable in every way possible.

… and then there’s Cassie, Cissie and Secret, too. Hmmm. They… were there, I guess.

The book feels very 1990s, which is absolutely appropriate, as that’s when it was published. It was eerie reading it and thinking how Twitter would react to a lot of it these days, especially Superboy’s comments about seeing how a villain goes when he’s not fighting girls, or Tim’s worries about leaving the female heroes alone, or Cassie and Cissie’s mums being worried about them going camping with teen boys, but those were perfectly reasonable at the time, reflect the views of the target audience and reflect those characters’ personalities, attitudes and beliefs. That makes it good writing.

Really enjoyed it, definitely going to watch the TV series, will read more of Young Justice Vol.1 if I can find it readily.


Today I had my third COVID-19 test.

The first was back when it all started, via my workplace – we all had to get tested, and it was fine! The bit down the throat wasn’t so fun, but the up-the-nose bit was great; it opened my sinuses up really well.

The second one was a few months later, after I started feeling unwell. They were symptoms I wouldn’t have associated with COVID-19, but I was directed to have a test. As this happened at work, my workplace was really good about quickly documenting everywhere I had been and with whom I had come in contact, just in case. That test was even easier than the first, possibly because I knew what to expect.

Today’s test was different. Literally. I’ve been unwell with a couple of different things recently, but at least some of the symptoms are more in line with what you’d associate with COVID (cold/flu-like symptoms). This time, the test was much simpler – it could have been the cold numbing me up a bit, but it felt like the only lightly touched the sides of my mouth and barely entered my nostrils.

New test, maybe?

I dunno. Isolating until results come in, of course, which is fine… all the better to get over whatever is making me sick, whether it’s COVID or not.

Injury recovery and exercise in April

Last year, I sustained a few pretty serious injuries while working. Most involved my arms (mainly my left arm), but one impacted my back and torso generally (and left me with internal bleeding for an extended period).

Over the next week I’m seeing a variety of doctors and specialists for follow-up on each of these injuries, but aside from the injuries themselves needing to be addressed, one ongoing issue has been an inability to exercise, compounded by COVID-19 restrictions. (I ended up gaining nearly 40kg between September 2020 and January 2021, of which I’ve now lost about 25kg.)

I always like to take a data-based approach to these things, so I’ve crunched some numbers ahead of seeing all the doctors this week.

I’ve split the rest of this post into multiple pages, covering different aspects.

New-look website

A few weeks ago, my desktop PC stopped working. Since then, I’ve been working off various other devices which lacked the unique setup of my desktop. I realised, in that process, just how inefficiently I had been doing things – I could not (easily) access the files and software I needed to keep things going. It’s been a massive pain. I’ve replaced my desktop now and am slowly setting everything up again.

I’m now going to be streamlining things a bit, starting with my website. While I still prefer working in HTML because I can basically do whatever I want, using WordPress as a CMS has its advantages, mainly that I can make changes from almost any device which can connect to the Internet.

I’ll be transferring stuff over as I have time. In the meantime, old versions of the site are still accessible.