September 2021: Oshawott Community Day

Some stats for Oshawott Community Day:

At 11AM
Seen: 194
Caught: 111
Shiny: 0

At 5PM
Seen: 417
Caught: 280
Shiny: 5

I saw 223 Oshawotts and caught 169. Of those, 5 were shiny.

That means: I caught 75.78% of the Oshawotts I saw, 2.24% of the Oshawotts I saw were shiny, and 2.95% of the Oshawotts I caught were shiny.

The next community day will be the Duskull Community Day on 9 October 2021. My goals will be:

See: 250+
Catch: 200+
Shinies: 10+

Watch this space. ūüôā