Judge Dredd Mega Collection #08

Psi-Judge Anderson: The Possessed

Collects Psi-Judge Anderson stories from 200AD progs 468-478, 520-531, 607-609 and 612-622.

Better reviewed story by story, I think!

THE POSSESSED: entertaining but predictable. I think we all knew what the child’s fate was going to be pretty early on. It was interesting seeing the other dimension. It’s all become a bit weird – having now seen the dimension of the Dark Judges, and Dredd having visited the DC Universe, and now another weird magickal Hell dimension, the logic of Mega-City One makes a lot less sense. Why are they not, I dunno, exploiting resources of other dimensions to improve things? Why drop nukes on other Mega-Cities when you could, I dunno, just have a whole dimension for your own people? That said, it was all a good introduction to Psi-Division.

HOUR OF THE WOLF: really good. It was jarring as I was clearly supposed to know who Orlok was as I read it, and instead had to Google it, because the collection has not yet shown his prior appearances. I still liked the idea of a Sov psi-spy wreaking havoc and targeting Anderson, though!

CONTACT and BEYOND THE VOID: I like the idea – a monk spends hundreds of years trying to reach nirvana, only to encounter Judge Death – but Judge Death has become a bit of a joke at this stage, all the more evident by the fact that would could have been an epic battle between Anderson and Death on the astral plane became a 25-page story in which the real conflict lasted only a couple of pages. It’s almost like “Oh, Death again? Sigh. Can’t a greenie handle it?”

HELIOS: pretty good! It actually felt like Anderson was a cop enforcing the law. It was really odd to see that she and Corey are like relatively normal people, when all Judges up to this point were shown to basically be meat machines. I don’t know how to take it, especially as while Anderson at one moment seems very human, she still brutally enforces the totalitarian laws. Awkward juxtaposition. Meant to make her a nice counterpoint to Dredd, I think, but instead makes her seem even more sociopathic.

All in all, pretty good, except for down-playing Judge Death so much.

September 2021: Oshawott Community Day

Some stats for Oshawott Community Day:

At 11AM
Seen: 194
Caught: 111
Shiny: 0

At 5PM
Seen: 417
Caught: 280
Shiny: 5

I saw 223 Oshawotts and caught 169. Of those, 5 were shiny.

That means: I caught 75.78% of the Oshawotts I saw, 2.24% of the Oshawotts I saw were shiny, and 2.95% of the Oshawotts I caught were shiny.

The next community day will be the Duskull Community Day on 9 October 2021. My goals will be:

See: 250+
Catch: 200+
Shinies: 10+

Watch this space. 🙂

Blocked: Jimmy Carl Black

As I’ve been reading Judge Dredd, I have been paying attention to the names of the blocks, which are frequently (always?) named after figures from popular culture. I’ve seen the Johnny Vegas block, the Sandy Toksvig block – both of which I recognise – but some other which are less recognisable for me.

I often Google them and get a slight chuckle.

I think I should start sharing my findings, because I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know who some of these people are.

In Part 4 of Helios, one of the Judges mentions the Jimmy Carl Black block.

Jimmy Carl Black was a drummer and vocalist for the band The Mothers of Invention, which I only know of via ads in comic books from the 1960s and 1970s. Weirdly, when Googling him and them, I saw that their discography was all from the 1960s and every early 1970s, except for one release in 1993. That sounded neat, but on further investigation it turns out it was recorded in 1968 and just released 25 years later.

Helios was published in 2000AD Progs 614-622 in 1989. I guess Jimmy Carl Black was still pretty well-known then?

Young Justice Vol.1

I’ve just read the first arc of Young Justice Vol.1, from back in the late 1990s. Really liked it, largely because it includes the Tim Drake iteration of Robin, who is at this point my absolute favourite DC character, but also because of Impulse, who is just plain adorable.

I read this as DC Graphic Novel Collection Vol.35, which collects Young Justice Vol.1 #1-7, Young Justice Secret Files and Origins Vol.1 #1, and Flash Vol.2 #92.

Read my review on Goodreads here.

That was a lot of fun.

I love Tim Drake – he’s the absolute best Robin ever (as far as I know; I don’t really have much experience with Dick Grayson as Robin, and none whatsoever of Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown or Damian Wayne – while I know the characters and their histories, I simply have not read any comics with them in those roles). Superboy is a wonderfully stereotypical 1990s teen alpha. Impulse is just adorable in every way possible.

… and then there’s Cassie, Cissie and Secret, too. Hmmm. They… were there, I guess.

The book feels very 1990s, which is absolutely appropriate, as that’s when it was published. It was eerie reading it and thinking how Twitter would react to a lot of it these days, especially Superboy’s comments about seeing how a villain goes when he’s not fighting girls, or Tim’s worries about leaving the female heroes alone, or Cassie and Cissie’s mums being worried about them going camping with teen boys, but those were perfectly reasonable at the time, reflect the views of the target audience and reflect those characters’ personalities, attitudes and beliefs. That makes it good writing.

Really enjoyed it, definitely going to watch the TV series, will read more of Young Justice Vol.1 if I can find it readily.

“For the man!”

I have finished Choudenshi Bioman, the 1984 series of Super Sentai.

That was… intense. For many reasons!

The ending seemed really abrupt, compared to other Super Sentai series endings. I’m going to need some time to take it in – after that, I’ll write a retrospective. 🙂

Is it sad that I’m going to miss Silva and Shuichi the most?

Transformers BotBots Series 4 Unboxing

A Goldrush Games box was heavily discounted on Amazon, so I picked it up a few months ago. I’m not overwhelmingly a fan of BotBots, but some of their alt modes are cute.

Skitter ChatterMagic TrickstersUncommon
Blurray MurrayMovie MogulsUncommon
Gold DexterWinner’s CircleRare
The CobblerLos DeliciososUncommon
MiltonSugar ShocksUncommon
Snotty StemSeason GreetersCommon

Now, some of these are clever-ish. Skitter Chatter is a pair of wind-up chattering teeth. Blurray Murray, if he lays flat on his belly, is a pair of 3D glasses (with the red and blue celophane lenses). The Cobbler is a corn cob, complete with green leaves. Snotty Stem is a pot of flowers.

The others… Milton is an ice cream or icy pole. What kind of name is Milton? I’d understand Meltin’ or something like that, but Milton? Gold Dexter is the trophy figure of the set. He appears to be the end of a pencil. I can only assume he is a redeco of a figure named ‘Poindexter’ or something like that, otherwise his name is pretty… odd.

As I’m not actively collecting BotBots, I don’t know if I’ll create or maintain a collection page. That said, there are some I would like, if they were easy to get, and I might need a list at least of the ones I’m looking for. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

The Ooshie-ing Part 01

On my final teaching placement, I taught a student who was obsessed with Ooshies. On the last day of the placement, he gifted me an Ooshie and I resolved to start collecting them. I bought them in abundance when on special at various shops but was not always consistent in opening them.

I’ve recently been packing things away and finally opened many, but not all of the Ooshies I have been holding on to. Over the course of two days I opened a couple of hundred! Below are the unique figures I got out of that opening. This is not a complete list of all the Ooshies I own by any means. (There is a list on the classic site but it will be a while before I update it.)

Fun fact: I maintained this list in a plain text (.txt) document. When pasting into WordPress, it didn’t maintain the spacing, but did work out from context what a lot of the formatting was. Well done, WordPress! 🙂


Harmony Bear (?) 7-pack Common
Hologram Daydream Bear 7-pack Common
Hologram Funshine Bear 7-pack Common
Hologram Secret Bear 7-pack Common
Hologram Share Bear 7-pack Common
Surprise Bear 7-pack Common
Tenderheart Bear 7-pack Common
Work of Heart Bear 7-pack Common
Bright Heart Raccoon 7-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Bedtime Bear x2v 7-pack Rare
Great Giving Bear 7-pack Rare
Lotsa Heart Elephant 7-pack Rare
Metallic Friend Bear 7-pack Rare
Shine Bright Bear 7-pack Rare


Batman – black and yellow ? 7-pack ??
Batman ? Bag Common
Hal Jordan Green Lantern Bag Rare
John Stewart Green Lantern Bag Rare
Bizarro 4-pack Common
Supergirl 4-pack Common
Wonder Woman 4-pack Common
Clark Kent 4-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Aquaman 4-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Green Arrow 4-pack Rare
Silver Age Batman 4-pack Rare
Harley Quinn 7-pack Common
Hologram Bizarro 7-pack Common
Hologram Supergirl 7-pack Common
Hologram Superman 7-pack Common
Red Tornado 7-pack Common
Shazam 7-pack Common
Titanium Batman 7-pack Rare
Titanium Cyborg 7-pack Rare
Golden Flash 7-pack Limited Edition


Cyborg Superman Bag Common
Batman Incorporated Bag Common
Batman White Lantern 4-pack Common
Black Suit Batman 4-pack Common
Superman White Lantern 4-pack Common
Wonder Woman White Lantern 4-pack Common
Glow-in-the-Dark Batman 4-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Clark Kent 4-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Two-Face 4-pack Rare
Killer Croc 4-pack Rare
Poison Ivy 4-pack Rare
Sinestro 4-pack Rare
Joker 4-pack Limited Edition
El Diablo 7-pack Common
Darkseid 7-pack Common
Wonder Woman Suit 2 7-pack Rare
Deadshot 7-pack Rare
Hologram Green Arrow 7-pack Rare


Sinestro Bag Rare
Blue Beetle 7-pack Common
Power Pose Wonder Woman 7-pack Common
Stargirl 7-pack Common
Battle Damaged Superman 7-pack Rare
Hologram Hal Jordan 7-pack Rare
Titanium Harley Quinn 7-pack Rare
Golden Wonder Woman 7-pack Limited Edition


Hologram Armoured Batman Capsule Common
Hologram Batman (purple, red, yellow) Capsule Common
Hologram Wonder Woman Capsule Common
Hologram Catwoman Capsule Rare
Hologram Robin Capsule Rare
Hologram Two-Face Capsule Rare


Superman Red Hologram Capsule Rare


Rhino Bag Rare
Tony Stark Bag Rare
Captain America Ultimate 4-pack Common
Iron Man Stealth 7 4-pack Common
Elektra 4-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Ant-Man (Starlord?) 4-pack Rare
Abomination 7-pack Common
Bucky 7-pack Common
Bullseye Shadowland 7-pack Common
Captain Marvel (Danvers) SHIELD 7-pack Common
Drax 7-pack Common
Hologram Electra 7-pack Common
Hologram Red Skull 7-pack Common
Hologram Tony Stark Iron Man 7-pack Common
Hologram Wasp 7-pack Common
Thanos 7-pack Rare
Titanium Iron Man Legion 7-pack Rare
Titanium Iron Man Mark ? (Blue shades) 7-pack Rare
Titanium Iron Man Model ?? (Bk/Gld) 7-pack Rare


Classic Electro 7-pack Common
Comic Classic MODOK 7-pack Common
Iron Fist 7-pack Common
Kingpin 7-pack Common
Namor 7-pack Common
Shield Off Captain America 7-pack Common
Silk 7-pack Common
Spider-Gwen 7-pack Common
Thor Jane Foster 7-pack Common
Battle-Damaged Iron Man Arctic 7-pack Rare
Battle-Damaged Iron Man Legion 7-pack Rare
Beta Ray Bill 7-pack Rare
Blue Suit Spider Woman 7-pack Rare
Classic Ant-Man 7-pack Rare
Giant Man 7-pack Rare
Nebula 7-pack Rare
Ultimate Thor 7-pack Rare


Ant-Man [Ant-Man and the Wasp] Capsule Common
Iron Man Capsule Common
Golden Spider-Man Capsule Limited Edition


Hologram Hulk Capsule Common
Hologram Bucky Capsule Rare


Nova Classic Suit Capsule Common
Red She-Hulk Hologram Capsule Common
Red Skull Capsule Common
Commander Rogers Capsule Rare
Iron Man Stealth Armour Hologram Capsule Rare
Pepper Potts Capsule Rare
Thanos Gold Elements Capsule Limited Edition


Dojo Donatello 4-pack Common
Dojo Leonardo 4-pack Common
Dojo Michelangelo 4-pack Common
Dojo Raphael 4-pack Common
Fish Face 4-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Michelangelo (?) 4-pack Rare
Glow-in-the-Dark Raphael (?) 4-pack Rare
Krang 4-pack Rare


Blaster Bag Common
Hot Rod Bag Common
Optimus Prime Bag Common
Powerglide Bag Common
Skywarp Bag Common
Galvatron Bag Rare
Ratchet Bag Rare
Bonecrusher 7-pack Common
Hologram Bumblebee 7-pack Common
Hound 7-pack Common
Long Haul 7-pack Common
Mixmaster 7-pack Common
Scavenger 7-pack Common
Scrapper 7-pack Common
Ultra Magnus 7-pack Common
Hologram Blaster 7-pack Rare
Hologram Hot Rod 7-pack Rare
Hologram Powerglide 7-pack Rare
Titanium Galvatron 7-pack Rare
Titanium Jazz 7-pack Rare
Titanium Ratchet 7-pack Rare
Titanium Wheeljack 7-pack Rare