Himitsu Sentai Goranger Episode 05

Episode 05: Midori-iro no ikari, fujimi gasu ningen / Green-coloured anger, invulnerable gas person
Original air date: Saturday 03 May 1975

Note on episode title

The episode title uses the word fujimi. This is written in kanji, which can be interpreted differently. Fujimi written one way can mean ‘immortal’ and another way can mean ‘invulnerable’. Invulnerable appears to be the more common translation of the word written with that kanji.

Bandage? What bandage?

After Akaranger and Midoranger’s first encounter with Poison Gas Mask / Doku Gasu Kamen, Midoranger wears a bandage around his head. Later, when he storms off to find Poison Gas Mask, he pulls the bandage off. There’s no wound… why did he have the bandage in the first place?

Later, Poison Gas Mask has crucified him and when Momoranger runs to him she confirms there is no heartbeat. The Gorangers are able to revive him… really? I guess… maybe he was just unconscious and it was like super-CPR? I can’t imagine they just brought him back from the dead!

Ignore the enemy in front of you

The message of the episode is to put aside anger and revenge to focus on the mission. When Midoranger recognises Poison Gas Mask as the guy who killed all the people at his EAGLE base, he wants to take him down. The commander needs to constantly stop him from storming off and putting the bigger picture at risk. That’s a good message.

But they take it to extremes! Even before that, Akaranger and Midoranger just watch in the distance as Poison Gas Mask kills a large number of EAGLE members. If they had intervened they surely could have kept them safe, at least long enough to escape. That’s cold.

The joke at the end, with the commander reminding Midoranger about how he needs to keep his cool so the bigger plan can be achieved, only to then lose his temper with Kiranger, was really funny.

Cool Blue

I really liked that once the team got the details from Midoranger, Aoranger just walked off straight for the aircraft, even before the rest of the team acknowledged it was time to act. I like that his skill and ability continues to be at the forefront – he’s there for them, but he doesn’t need to wait because he knows what he’s doing.

Where did all the EAGLE members come from?

I’m sure that the first episode was to show that all the EAGLE branches in Japan were destroyed and the Gorangers were the last members, along with the commander and a handful of spies. So where are all these other agents coming from? There’s enough for them to still have a convoy of trucks and be building factories… why do the Gorangers even need a secret base? And really, Midoranger is more capable as an untrained recruit than most EAGLE agents? Hmmmm…. shenanigans.

Curry will do that to you

I love that when Poison Gas Mask goes to the shop he first orders gas, only to correct himself and ask for curry. Surely he knows that the curry will eventually give him gas… right? Would have been great if Taro said that.


I also really enjoyed that Taro was missing the team, because there was no-one to hear his riddles. His riddle was pretty weak this episode: What sucks gas into its face and flies? A hot air balloon. OK. I’ve heard better, Taro.