Himitsu Sentai Goranger Episode 03

Episode 03: Dai gyakushuu! Kiiroi tsumujikaze / Big counterattack! Yellow whirlwind
Original air date: Saturday 19 April 1975

Archery and Arsenals

I really liked how when using his bow and arrow, Aoranger kept shouting “Archery!”. I just realised he is, in fact, saying Ao Cherry – a play on his colour (ao) and the -chery from archery. The weapon I really can’t understand yet is Akaranger’s ‘Red Bute’. It’s a whip. I don’t know of any language with a word similar to ‘bute’ which means ‘whip’, and when Googling it all I can find is reference to a whip called the Flame Bute from Final Fantasy. Hmmmm.

Commander Gon and the Mysterious Door

The mysterious door is finally opened, revealing that Master Don is the Gorangers’ commander, and that the three women are EAGLE agents 007, 008 and 009. This makes me wonder. In episode two, we saw Agent 002. In this episode, we saw Agent 003. Are episodes seven, eight and nine going to focus on these three?

I really liked that only Kiranger and Momoranger seemed surprised. Akaranger and Aoranger seemed like they already well and truly knew who and what was behind the door, and Midoranger seemed barely even there…

Riddles, from Taro to Kiranger

What is a papa’s (least) favourite fruit? Papaya! Of course!

Found out

Bronze Mask / Seidou Kamen seemed incredibly capable. His plan was clever and went off with all but the least of hitches. If his detonator had not been stolen, drawing the Gorangers’ in, he likely would have gotten away with his master plan. Even in the middle of being foiled, he clearly had things well in hand, until being overpowered.

His Zolders also seemed very capable. I like that each showed some personality throughout the episode. These are not generic cannon fodder as we later get in Super Sentai. It makes them far more menacing – they can actually think, plan and act for themselves.

What I’m stuck on is the revelation that the Gorangers are based at Snack Gon. Did Bronze Mask relay this information to the Black Cross Fuhrer? He seems the sort who would, which means the Gorangers won’t last long with that base. I get the feeling that for the sake of story it will turn out he never passed it on.

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