Blocked: Jimmy Carl Black

As I’ve been reading Judge Dredd, I have been paying attention to the names of the blocks, which are frequently (always?) named after figures from popular culture. I’ve seen the Johnny Vegas block, the Sandy Toksvig block – both of which I recognise – but some other which are less recognisable for me.

I often Google them and get a slight chuckle.

I think I should start sharing my findings, because I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know who some of these people are.

In Part 4 of Helios, one of the Judges mentions the Jimmy Carl Black block.

Jimmy Carl Black was a drummer and vocalist for the band The Mothers of Invention, which I only know of via ads in comic books from the 1960s and 1970s. Weirdly, when Googling him and them, I saw that their discography was all from the 1960s and every early 1970s, except for one release in 1993. That sounded neat, but on further investigation it turns out it was recorded in 1968 and just released 25 years later.

Helios was published in 2000AD Progs 614-622 in 1989. I guess Jimmy Carl Black was still pretty well-known then?

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