Transformers BotBots Series 4 Unboxing

A Goldrush Games box was heavily discounted on Amazon, so I picked it up a few months ago. I’m not overwhelmingly a fan of BotBots, but some of their alt modes are cute.

Skitter ChatterMagic TrickstersUncommon
Blurray MurrayMovie MogulsUncommon
Gold DexterWinner’s CircleRare
The CobblerLos DeliciososUncommon
MiltonSugar ShocksUncommon
Snotty StemSeason GreetersCommon

Now, some of these are clever-ish. Skitter Chatter is a pair of wind-up chattering teeth. Blurray Murray, if he lays flat on his belly, is a pair of 3D glasses (with the red and blue celophane lenses). The Cobbler is a corn cob, complete with green leaves. Snotty Stem is a pot of flowers.

The others… Milton is an ice cream or icy pole. What kind of name is Milton? I’d understand Meltin’ or something like that, but Milton? Gold Dexter is the trophy figure of the set. He appears to be the end of a pencil. I can only assume he is a redeco of a figure named ‘Poindexter’ or something like that, otherwise his name is pretty… odd.

As I’m not actively collecting BotBots, I don’t know if I’ll create or maintain a collection page. That said, there are some I would like, if they were easy to get, and I might need a list at least of the ones I’m looking for. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

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