Bioman 37: Bio Hunter Silva

That was a shock.

I actually find Silva somewhat intimidating. Not as intimidating as a character like, say, Kamen Rider Ouja, but I potentially would find him that scary if I didn’t already know his eventual fate.

The thing is, everything I thought I knew about Silva told me that he was almost like a mindless drone… but he actually has a lot of character, and style. The only thing I don’t really like/get about him is why he would willingly battle Red One in what looked like a gun duel (when he could have just killed the Biomen) and why he just watched them near the end. He’d be far more menacing if he was literally relentless, never resting…

The episode moved so quickly, I nearly jumped when the mid-episode bumper appeared – I thought I was maybe three or four minutes in at that point.

Silva, man, you’ve got style. (And a gun called the Bi-Buster. I love it…!)

Balzion appearing through the smoke in Pebo’s flashback, and even it isn’t as cool as Silva himself.

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