Glossing in Auslan

Next step
To improve ‘fluency’ in glossing, I will be recording short, signed phrases and glossing them. Some of these may also be used as examples in the classroom for Level 3 and 4, pending permission to teach from the Communication sub-strand.

There is no expectation that students use or understand glossing at F-4. Instead, students translate from Auslan into their L1 (the Victorian Curriculum specifies English, but the intent is clearly L1). For F-4, this would be evident only in my planning, and in assessment and notes undertaken by, for and with students.

At Level 5, there is some scope for introducing glossing as a way of developing awareness of word order and sentence structure. Many Grade 5 students (and some Grade 4 students) have been attempting direct, word-for-word translations between English and Auslan. It could be as simple as introducing glossing with idiosyncratic notation for students to ‘translate’ into English (and for extension students to represent in Auslan) to drill in the concept.

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